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JCW Acoustic Flooring

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JCW Acoustic Flooring

Specialist Installers of Acoustic Flooring Nationwide

JCW Acoustic Flooring was formed as a division of JCW Floor Screeding in 2004 to cope with the increasing demand for an acoustic flooring specialist now with over 10 years specialist experience and installing over 100,000m2 of acoustic floors per year JCW Acoustic Flooring are the company you can rely on!

Working on projects ranging from small domestic properties to large apartment blocks and hotels, we supply and install many proven acoustic flooring systems from acoustic cradles and battens to acoustic decking installed to robust standard details


Flexible service – With up to 10 teams of installers we ensure your deadlines are met.
Professional work – Full site survey carried out on each job by our surveyor.
Experienced Staff – Having successfully installed over 100,000m2 of acoustic floors this year. We have the expertise required to guarantee efficiency, reliability and deliver your project on time
Cost Certainty – Providing all our own materials for every project ensures that waste and shortages are avoided

Acoustic Flooring FAQ's

What is Acoustic Flooring?

Acoustic Flooring is a flooring system designed to reduce the transmission of sound through a separating floor.

How to reduce noise through floors?

There are a number of options that need to be considered when trying to reduce noise through floors. The system proposed will depend on a number of factors such as; The use of the building, the construction subfloor, the ceiling below, and the type of noise that you are trying to reduce.

How to test floors for sound transmission?

Sound testing should only be carried out by a qualified individual or company, a list of ANC (Acoustics & Noise Consultants) members can be found here http://www.association-of-noise-consultants.co.uk/members-search/

Insulation between floors building regulations?

Part E of the Building Regulations should be referred to as this covers the resistance to the passage of sound.

How to install acoustic flooring in commercial buildings?

There are a number of systems that can be considered when installing an acoustic floor within a commercial building. Each one is dependent on the building and its use as well as other specific factors like the subfloor construction and ceiling detail. An acoustic consultant should be contacted to ensure that the correct system is used.

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