In certain buildings, background noise can have a negative impact, take hospitals, schools and other residential properties for instance. For environments that are susceptible to high traffic, Acoustic Flooring is often a great investment to make, allowing you to create a more comfortable environment, without invading privacy. What is Acoustic Flooring? Acoustic Flooring is used to reduce the transmission of sound in commercial and domestic buildings alike, offering an effective

Acoustic Flooring for Hotels is an important consideration on any project, whether building a new build Premier Inn or Travelodge or working on the refurbishment of an existing building. JCW Acoustic Flooring have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that even the most difficult project performs to current Building Regulations. JCW have recently worked on a number of Travelodge Hotels including the Travelodge at Dudley where JCW worked with

Acoustic Flooring for Timber Frame Apartments Acoustic Flooring for Timber Frame Apartments is an important consideration and with a large number of products available to the construction industry, it is becoming an increasingly difficult choice. Timber Frame is becoming a more popular method of construction, this is due to the number of benefits it can offer, such as: Speed Of Construction. Timber frames can be erected and made watertight significantly

Acoustic Flooring Systems Acoustic flooring systems can be used for a wide range of projects from small domestic properties to large apartment blocks, hotels and public buildings, providing a number of benefits which ensures tenants, guests and customers have a comfortable experience. So, let’s take a look at a number of benefits that acoustic flooring systems can have for your properties: Noise Reduction Whether renovating an old apartment block ready

ACOUSTIC FLOORING AT PREMIER INN MONMOUTH & PREMIER INN WELLS   JCW Acoustic Flooring have recently installed acoustic flooring at two new Premier Inns for McGoff & Byrne. Knauf Brio 23WF was installed to the 60-bed Premier Inn at Portal Road, Monmouth. Starting on site in August 2016 and completing we completed our works within 4 weeks JCW ensured that the fast paced programme was maintained. We commenced work on the