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Here at JCW Acoustic Flooring, we supply and install a wide range of products that are specifically designed to ensure that your project meets or exceeds building regulations. One of the products that supply and install is the Cellecta Screedboard 28. What is screedboard? Screedboard is a single acoustic layer treatment which is designed for soundproofing. The high-density board is made from recycled calcium sulphate sheets which offer an excellent

Acoustics are important for students and teachers alike. To create a suitable environment for students to learn and staff to teach, the acoustics need to be right. Unsurprisingly, children concentrate better in quieter environments where there are fewer distractions and disturbances. Studies have even shown that students behave better when they are taught in classrooms that have acoustic flooring. In order to be heard over the noise of moving chairs

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘acoustic flooring’ before but what does it actually mean? Acoustic flooring is something that is used domestically, commercially and industrially to reduce the transmission of unwanted sounds, allowing you to sustain a comfortable environment. If you’re searching for flooring options for your next project, JCW Acoustic Flooring, can help you to find a suitable solution. What is acoustic flooring? Acoustic flooring is a method

Sound treatment is often essential in any building and JCW Acoustic Flooring have just the solution for you! JCW Acoustic Flooring can help you to reduce noise disturbance and enhance the sound quality with appropriate Acoustic Flooring. What is Acoustic Flooring? If you’re to prevent the transfer of unwanted sounds, Acoustic Flooring is highly recommended. The sound of voices or footsteps generate a noise and it’s this noise that you

Acoustic Flooring for Hotels is an important consideration on any project, whether building a new build Premier Inn or Travelodge or working on the refurbishment of an existing building. JCW Acoustic Flooring have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that even the most difficult project performs to current Building Regulations. JCW have recently worked on a number of Travelodge Hotels including the Travelodge at Dudley where JCW worked with

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