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Student Accommodation with JCW80T Acoustic Battens Installed

Here at JCW Acoustic Flooring, we specialise in the installation of acoustic flooring. We supply and install high-quality products that reduce sound transmission through floors. We can supply and install a number of systems for timber, concrete and steel frame buildings.

Acoustic Flooring is often necessary to achieve Part E of the Building Regulations in student accommodation. Whether it’s a new build or refurbishment project, JCW Acoustic Flooring can supply & install an acoustic flooring system to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

JCW Acoustic Flooring will ensure that your floating flooring floor is installed correctly and on time to provide you with the peace of mind that you need.

Timber acoustic flooring provides a sustainable solution ensuring that Part E of Building Regulations are met creating suitable living conditions for students.

Acoustic Flooring in Student Accommodation

Acoustic Flooring in apartments and student accommodation not only ensures that Part E of Building Regulations are met. It also creates living conditions that will enable students to study in peace without being distracted and disturbed by their neighbours above or below.

At JCW Acoustic Flooring, we supply and install a wide range of acoustic solutions for student accommodation, such as:

All acoustic flooring systems installed by JCW are designed to exceed Part E of Building Regulations and enhance the acoustic performance of a dwelling.

Importance of acoustics in student residence

The main purpose of the Acoustic Flooring in Student Accommodation is to minimise the transfer of impact and airborne sound through floors. JCW Acoustic Flooring will ensure your acoustic flooring is installed on time and within budget.

If you need to know any more about the Acoustic Floors in student halls of residence, feel free to contact our team of experts today; we will be more than willing to offer our expertise and to recommend products that suit your project.

Student Accommodation Case Studies

Chapel Street, Manchester

Chapel Street, Manchester

JCW 80T Acoustic Batten System

Vita Student Accommodation, Liverpool

Vita Student Accommodation, Liverpool

JCW 50T Acoustic Batten System

Modra Student Accommodation, Cardiff

Modra Student Accommodation, Cardiff

JCW 50C Acoustic Batten System, JCW Acoustic Deck 28

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