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Robust Details are an alternative to pre-completion sound testing to meet Part E of the Building Regulations.

Robust Details were set up in 2004 to help architects and building contractors design and construct separating elements with confidence. The guidelines set out within Robust Details provide separating floors/walls that are capable of achieving the sound performance parameters in Approved Document E, whilst complying with Building Regulations.

Robust details have been pre designed to exceed building regulation requirements. A separating floor or wall construction can be selected from the Robust Detail handbook. These designs have undergone extensive testing to ensure they achieve an average of at least 5dB above current building regulations.

For new build dwellings, the minimum Building Regulations requirements are:

  • Airborne sound (floors & walls) = 45dB DnT,w+Ctr (min)
  • Impact sound (floors only) = 62dB L’nT,w (max)

On choosing a Robust Detail construction, a registration fee of £30 per plot must be paid to Robust Details Ltd. The purchase documents can then be submitted to building control for their approval. Robust Details Ltd provides a specification and checklist to ensure that the construction is carried out correctly. Robust Details Ltd employs specialist acoustic consultants nationwide who monitor the construction and performance of the separating walls and floors during the construction process to ensure compliance.

JCW Acoustic Flooring are specialist installers of acoustic flooring and can deliver acoustic flooring solutions to meet or exceed robust details.

Robust Details FFT 1

Robust Details FFT-1

FFT 1 resilient composite deep batten systems are installed in timber & concrete floor applications.

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Robust Detail FTT-2

Robust Details FFT-2

FFT 2 resilient cradle and batten systems are installed in a number of concrete floor applications.

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JCW50C Acoustic Batten System

Robust Details FFT-3

FFT 3 resilient composite standard batten systems are installed in concrete floor applications.

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Robust Detail FFT4 Design

Robust Detail FFT-4

FFT 4 resilient overlay platform floor systems are installed in concrete floor applications.

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Acoustic Decking

Robust Detail FFT-5

FFT 5 resilient overlay shallow platform floor systems are installed in concrete floor applications.

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Cellecta ScreedBoard 28 Design

Robust E-FT-5 and E-FT-6

A high density board which helps reduce airborne noise when used within a separating floor.

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More Information

To find out how your project can comply with the robust standard details call JCW Acoustic Flooring on 01204 387029

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Robust Details work?

A Robust Detail is a separating wall or floor construction that has been assessed and approved by Robust Details Limited (RDL). To be approved, each one must consistently exceed the relevant regulatory performance standards.

Robust Details only apply to the erection of dwelling-houses or a building containing flats and apartments.

What are the benefits of using Robust Details?

One of the biggest benefits of using Robust Details is that it eliminates the need to carry out pre-completion sound testing. As a result of this, the risk and uncertainty of remedial action are significantly reduced.

The Robust Details scheme was set up to make it easier for savvy businesses to comply with standards in the home building sector, offering an effective alternative to pre-completion sound testing. The scheme is not only more streamlined and efficient but also meets Part E of the building regulations.

Aside from benefiting those in the building trade, Robust Details also give homeowners the peace of mind that their property has been constructed and tested to the necessary standards.

How do you register with the new RDL scheme?

Registering for the new Robust Details Limited (RDL) scheme couldn’t be simpler, but you need to do it before building work commences.

The first step is to create a Robust Details account by visiting the Robust Details Dashboard. Click ‘create a new account’, input your email address and choose a password.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll then have free access to the Part E resistance to the passage of sound handbook, which includes detailed information on what you need to do to complete the Plot Registration form to register your site.

Can you amend the site details?

If you need to make any changes to your site details, there are a number of things you can do.

You can complete an Amendment / Cancellation Form for the plot you need to amend by filling in all of the applicable fields. If you need to make alterations to more than one plot, you will need to submit a separate form for each.

Alternatively, if you registered your site online, simply log into your Robust Details account and amend your site details online.

If you’ve lost the original paperwork, you will need to write to your Building Control Body and inform them that you wish to amend your site details and what you intend on changing. Robust Details Limited also ask that you send them a copy of the letter along with your cancellation form.

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