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This is a project that we initially carried out some works on in 2008, the apartments were a private development but the project was halted due to the recession. The remaining 12 apartments have since been sold to a housing association and work has now recommenced. We are working for Kettle and Talbot www.kettleandtalbot.co.uk/kettle_home.htm. JCW Floor Screeding have carried out the floor screeding to the 4 ground floor apartments and JCW

JCW Acoustic Flooring completed a project in Ingleton 6th & 7th Jan 2015 Project: Burnmoor Crescent, Ingleton Customer: RP Tyson www.tysonconstruction.co.uk Product: JCW 80T JCW Acoustic Flooring carried out works to 2 flats on the first floor on this project, JCW Floor Screeding carried out works to the ground floors. This was a small project for us, we started on Tuesday 6th Jan and finished on Wednesday.

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