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There are certain locations where it’s important to install acoustic flooring to help keep noise down to a minimum. Wondering where? Here a few examples where acoustic flooring can prove to be a very valuable addition to a site: Library If there’s one place where the upmost quiet is needed it’s in a library. Many libraries consist of more than one floor and the last thing you need is for

It’s near impossible to get away from noise and no-one knows that more than the team at Acoustic Flooring. In every town and village throughout the UK and globally, noise is generated in some form. Our Head Office is located in Bolton and we come across noise all the time. With the aid of a noise assessment firm, the local daily newspaper ‘The Bolton News’ has today released a story

As many of you will be aware, due to changes to Part E of the Building Regulations in 2003, acoustic flooring became a common requirement across the construction industry. However, once the acoustic flooring has been dealt with you need to determine the type of flooring that goes on top and there are a variety of materials, styles and colours available. Here is a summary of flooring options and what

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