There are certain locations where it’s important to install acoustic flooring to help keep noise down to a minimum. Wondering where? Here a few examples where acoustic flooring can prove to be a very valuable addition to a site:


If there’s one place where the upmost quiet is needed it’s in a library. Many libraries consist of more than one floor and the last thing you need is for footfall from above to disturb those seeking the traditional peace and quiet that’s associated with a trip to the library.


Living in a stylish apartment is a super cool way to live but you’re very often surrounded by a host of other inhabitants whose noise can often cause you a permanent headache, particularly if the noise they generate interrupts your sleep.


It’s good to get away from home sometimes. Staying in a lovely hotel is a real treat and the perfect way to unwind and recharge the batteries. The last thing you want when trying to get those all-important forty winks is for noise emanating from above to keep you up and leave you feeling grouchy and in a poor mood.


When studying or undertaking an exam you need to focus and concentrate as much as you possibly can. Noise can be extremely off-putting, leave you tearing your hair out and affect your work in many different ways.

Acoustic flooring can be fitted in several other areas. To find out more contact JCW Acoustic Flooring.