Acoustics are important for students and teachers alike. To create a suitable environment for students to learn and staff to teach, the acoustics need to be right.

Unsurprisingly, children concentrate better in quieter environments where there are fewer distractions and disturbances. Studies have even shown that students behave better when they are taught in classrooms that have acoustic flooring.

In order to be heard over the noise of moving chairs and the sound generated from other classrooms, teachers often need to talk at a higher volume. Acoustic flooring allows children to hear exactly what is being said, without the teacher needing to raise their voice.

Importance of acoustic flooring

Noise is something that can largely impact on health, especially when individuals are exposed to it for long periods of time.

The acoustics within a room can affect academic performance. Noisy environments aren’t ideal for teaching, which is why acoustic flooring is often the most favourable option for schools and other educational buildings.

Acoustic solutions for schools

When it comes to keeping the noise levels down in the classroom, JCW Acoustic Flooring have just the solution for you. Whether you’re looking to redesign or refit your school, be sure to consider our acoustic flooring solutions.

There are several ways that you can soundproof your school, including the following:

  • Acoustic battens

To reduce the transmission of sound through the floor, we offer a wide selection of acoustic battens.

Our acoustic battens are high-performance systems that are guaranteed to reduce sound transmission between floors. You’ll discover the JCW 80C, JCW 80T and JCW 50C battens within our extensive collection of acoustic flooring. Useful for an array of applications they also work towards Robust Detail.

  • Acoustic cradles

We suggest using acoustic cradles for new build projects as they are great for reducing impact sound.

Although they are ideal for new builds, acoustic cradles are also used for refurbishment projects and allow you to level an uneven subfloor.

The acoustic cradles meet and exceed the requirements outlined in Part E of the Building Regulations.

  • Acoustic decking

Another method for reducing the transmission of sound is installing an acoustic deck. We supply and install the acoustic decking which is an acoustic overlay that is best used on timber floors. The acoustic deck provides an extra lay of insulation to reduce impact sound.

We supply and install JCW acoustic deck 28 and 32, as well as the JCW acoustic deck 19, for separating floors to create an appropriate learning environment for pupils and staff.

  • Cellecta screedboard

Sound insulation is recommended in environments that are susceptible to high volumes. In schools, the cellecta screedboard is an ideal solution to reduce sound transmission between floors. The screedboard 28 is designed to be hardwearing and durable and can be supplied and installed by our specialist acoustic flooring installers.

Want to know more about acoustic flooring in schools? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts who will be more than willing to share their expertise. Simply call us on 01204 387029 today.