A sound night’s sleep is at the heart of what Travelodge offers, and it’s all built on acoustic flooring installed by JCW.

For any hotel chain, the minimisation of noise isn’t just essential to the wellbeing of guests; it’s also essential to complying with Part E of Building Regulations (Resistance to the passage of sound).

That’s why JCW spent October and November of 2018 at Travelodge’s new Swindon hotel, creating soundproof floors on the first, second, third and fourth floors which comprised 22mm chipboard, 19mm plasterboard, and 30mm Rockfloor rockwool.

“In total, the project involved installing more than 1500m2 of soundproof flooring,” explains Peter Davis, Commercial Director of JCW Acoustic Flooring.

Completed in association with contractors Hinton Design & Build Ltd, Peter is proud of the ongoing relationship that has seen JCW complete this latest project. “This is the fourth Travelodge on which we’ve worked with Hinton in the last two years,” he says. “We have already completed work on the Melksham, West Bromwich, and Dudley, and we’re delighted to be responsible for helping ensure Travelodge’s guests enjoy a sound night’s sleep.”

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