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We love a demanding project, something we can really sink our teeth into as we always rise to the challenge, no matter how big or small it happens to be. Our team is currently undertaking an extensive acoustic flooring assignment at Oakgrove Village; an exciting new housing development in Milton Keynes, due to be comprised of up to 1,100 two, three, four and five-bedroom houses and one and two-bedroom apartments.

We live in a world that seems to get noisier by the day. The population continues to grow and with that inevitably comes an abundance of noise in various forms, therefore finding peace and quiet can often be difficult. You could always try to get away from noise by venturing into the world’s quietest room, a 99% sound absorbing anechoic chamber comprised of comprised of 3.3-foot-thick fiberglass acoustic flooring wedges,

The installation of acoustic flooring in the home, either as part of a redevelopment project or brand new build, is incredibly important; in fact it’s a legal requirement! Not only that, but it also has to adhere to current building regulations in relation to noise emissions. Failure to implement it or choosing the incorrect type of acoustic flooring could prove very costly further down the line. Why is it so

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