The installation of acoustic flooring in the home, either as part of a redevelopment project or brand new build, is incredibly important; in fact it’s a legal requirement! Not only that, but it also has to adhere to current building regulations in relation to noise emissions. Failure to implement it or choosing the incorrect type of acoustic flooring could prove very costly further down the line.

Why is it so necessary? The primary purpose of acoustic flooring is to reduce sound and the impact transmission of sound between floors and rooms.

The most common noises you tend to hear between neighbouring residences is the sound of voices or the noise of feet from above your head; two types of sound that can be lessened through the use of acoustic flooring.  The quieter the atmosphere between two environments, the less likely it is that any unnecessary conflict will occur between neighbours.

Acoustic flooring comes in various guises. The choosing of the right solution should be done with a highly experienced acoustic consultant and bought from a firm that has an abundance of acoustic flooring offerings. Look no further than JCW.

Our full range complies with building regulations and we can boast various accreditations proving our credentials as a company.

If you need any further evidence of our abilities when it comes to installation then check out our case studies page and ask us for a list of testimonials similar to the job at hand.

Don’t allow it to be an afterthought, make acoustic flooring one of your top priorities from the outset.