Wondering if your next project could benefit from Cellecta Screedboard? Here at JCW Acoustic Flooring we supply and fit this award-winning acoustic flooring – and guarantee you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

When installed correctly by professional fitters, such as our team here a JCW, Cellecta Screedboard 28 is designed to effectively reduce noise. It minimises sound transmission through floors – this is particularly beneficial for hotels, apartments and other high-rise buildings.

At just 28mm thick and weighing only 18.72kg per board, it is compatible with most floor finishes – including laminate, wood, ceramic, vinyl and carpet. The fact it can be used on both timber and concrete subfloors – makes it an excellent choice.

As one of the more high performance acoustic products on the market, Screedboard 28 was awarded House Builder Product of the year, and for good reason…

  • Cellecta Screedboard is designed to look and feel like traditional screed but offers Robust Detail treatment for E-FT-5, E-FT-6, & E-FS-3.
  • Screedboard offers excellent impact and airborne sound insulation
  • At only 28mm deep, it helps where increasing floor heights are a problem.
  • It is a single layer acoustic treatment which incorporates interlocking edges and our skilled operatives can install it to provide a smooth/level finish.
  • It is renowned for its unrivalled acoustic performance and durability.

Supply and install

Here at JCW Acoustic Flooring, we have more than 15 years’ of installation experience and our professional acoustic installers make sure that Screedboard is installed to improve the acoustics within your building.

Got more questions about Cellecta Screedboard 28? Our team here at JCW Acoustic Flooring are always on hand to help. Get in touch with us by calling 01204 387 029 or emailing enquiries@jcwgroup.co.uk today.