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When building attached homes there are two ways to comply with Part E of the building regulations. The first is by registering with Robust Details Ltd, an option only available on new build projects. Robust Details have been pre designed to exceed building regulation requirements. A separating floor or wall construction can be selected from the Robust Detail handbook. These designs have undergone extensive testing to ensure they achieve an

Knauf Brio JCW Acoustic Flooring recently installed the Knauf Brio 23WF on the Premier Inn at Dudley. Installing over 1200m2 in 2 weeks, JCW understood that a fast moving build programme was key on this project. The Knauf Brio 23WF proved to be an ideal solution, due to its speed of installation. Knauf Brio 23WF and Knauf Brio 18WF are products designed as an alternative to the FFT-1 acoustic batten

“It was a logical next step for us at the time, in 2004. That year the Building Regulations were amended to include Robust Detail build ups and pre completion sound tests as the means of satisfying the acoustic requirements of Approved Document Part E. In effect these regulations were giving birth to a whole new business involved with overcoming passage of sound issues in houses, flats and other buildings” says

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