We live in a noisy world, one that seemingly gets louder as time progresses and the world’s population grows. There are multiple sources of noise around us nowadays that it can sometimes seem impossible to get away from it when all we crave is a little bit of peace and quiet in our life.

Every single one of us has a duty to keep any noise we generate down to a minimum, not just because in certain situations we may be flouting the law, but because it’s polite to consider others who may not necessarily want to hear any excess volume we are responsible for.

Noise can affect people in different ways; a few examples of how is listed below:

Intrude upon task completion

There are certain tasks performed where you need the upmost concentration levels; undertaking examination preparation, homework, or any work-related duties at home requires you to knuckle down and focus on the job at hand. The last thing you need is for your neighbour to crank up their stereo or commence rowing with a relative. When working in the office you also need to be able to carry out your duties with little disruption.

Drop in productivity

The pace at which people work can be slowed due to increased exposure to noise. It can leave you highly frustrated and unable to get your brain functioning as it would normally.

Hearing loss

In extreme cases, regular contact with loud noise can lead to hearing impairment or even potential deafness due to damage caused to the eardrum.

Lack of sleep

When you turn in for the night after a long hard day you understandably expect to be able to do so without being woken or get up by noise. A constant din in the middle of the night can leave you tossing and turning for the duration, leaving you in a poor mood next morning.

Psychological problems

Your mental health could be impacted upon due to unwanted noise, leaving you agitated and far from your normal self.

Whether you’re the recipient of noise or responsible for the noise source, it pays to always remember how dramatically it can affect you and those around you.

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