When building attached homes there are two ways to comply with Part E of the building regulations.

The first is by registering with Robust Details Ltd, an option only available on new build projects.

Robust Details have been pre designed to exceed building regulation requirements. A separating floor or wall construction can be selected from the Robust Detail handbook. These designs have undergone extensive testing to ensure they achieve an average of at least 5dB above current building regulations.

For new build dwellings, the minimum Building Regulations requirements are:

  • Airborne sound (floors & walls) = 45dB DnT,w+Ctr (min)
  • Impact sound (floors only) = 62dB L’nT,w (max)

On choosing a Robust Detail construction, a registration fee of £30 per plot must be paid to Robust Details Ltd. The purchase documents can then be submitted to building control for their approval. Robust Details Ltd provides a specification and checklist to ensure that the construction is carried out correctly. Robust Details Ltd employs specialist acoustic consultants nationwide who monitor the construction and performance of the separating walls and floors during the construction process to ensure compliance.

The second option is to opt for Pre Completion Testing. This process can be used for new homes and also conversion projects. Once the building is near to completion, immediately prior to the installation of floor finishes, a pre completion sound test should be carried out. This must be done for 10% of all plots on the site and the test must be conducted by either a UKAS accredited or ANC registered acoustic consultant. The consultant will then provide a test report showing pass or fail for all plots tested. Builders must provide the Building Control Body with a certificate showing the actual sound insulation achieved in the dwellings. Should any of the plots fail, remedial works will need to be carried out and a further test should take place.

When working to Robust Details, JCW Acoustic Flooring will ensure that all acoustic floors are installed in accordance with Robust Detail guidelines. Similarly when carrying out Pre Completion Testing, JCW Acoustic Flooring will ensure the correct installation of any acoustic floor system, avoiding failures and giving total peace of mind.

Whichever route to compliance is chosen, JCW Acoustic Flooring have the experience and skills to deliver a successful acoustic timber floating floor on your project.