Knauf Brio

JCW Acoustic Flooring recently installed the Knauf Brio 23WF on the Premier Inn at Dudley. Installing over 1200m2 in 2 weeks, JCW understood that a fast moving build programme was key on this project. The Knauf Brio 23WF proved to be an ideal solution, due to its speed of installation.

Knauf Brio 23WF and Knauf Brio 18WF are products designed as an alternative to the FFT-1 acoustic batten systems currently used in timber frame construction. The Knauf Brio products have been designed to offer Part E compliance when used as part of a specific separating floor. Brio 23WF is widely specified for new build Premier Inns nationwide.

The boards are 33mm and 28mm respectively and therefore offer an advantage where limited floor heights are a problem, saving in the region of 75mm in finished floor heights against the FFT-1 acoustic batten systems.

The Knauf Brioboard dimensions of 1.20m x 0.60m means they are easily distributed using a goods lift, hoist or when manually carried upstairs. Whilst the boards are half the size of chipboard and plasterboard they are similar in weight to the chipboard and plasterboard sheets used in typical FFT-1 acoustic battened floors.

Also Knauf Brio systems use fewer components than the FFT-1 acoustic batten systems, making ordering a much more simple procedure than the FFT-1 batten buildups.

Anticipated output on site is likely to be 500m2 per 2 man gang per week using a Knauf Brio system, whereas the typical output on site using the FFT-1 acoustic batten system is likely to be 350m2 per 2 man gang per week.

However the FFT-1 acoustic batten systems are not without their advantages, as they can accommodate services within the floor void. Alternatively, when using the Knauf Brio systems, services must be installed within ceilings and walls.

The main advantage of FFT-1 acoustic batten systems is their cost. In today’s economic climate, where cost is the primary factor when selecting most building products, the FFT-1 acoustic batten systems offer considerable savings, typically of around £8 – £10 per m2 against choosing Brio systems.

Whether working to an architect’s specification or a budget driven design and build, JCW Acoustic Flooring can offer a system and professional installation service to meet your needs.