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Knauf Brio Acoustic Boards

It’s a strong, lightweight and quickly-installed alternative to a wet screed system.

The Knauf Brio 18 & 23 are 18mm and 23mm respectively and can be used without the 10mm wood fibre resilient layer as overlay boards for underfloor heating.

With a high thermal conductivity (R = 0.38 W/mK) underfloor heating heating response times are quicker and energy use is reduced. Once installed, Brio creates a robust monolithic floor with a high density of 1100 – 1200 kg/m3, and so reduces impact and airborne sound transmission.

Knauf Brio is a high density gypsum based board which helps reduce airborne noise when used within a separating floor.

The engineered gypsum flooring panel has 60% recycled content and has been developed for use in new or refurbished residential and commercial buildings.


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Knauf Brio is also available pre-bonded to a wood fibre layer to reduce impact noise. These boards are referred to as Knauf Brio 18WF and 23WF and are 28mm and 33mm respectively.

The Knauf Brio boards are most commonly used in timber frame construction as a floating floor in apartments, hotels and care homes.

Knauf Brio 18WF & 23WF offer an excellent acoustic performance with minimum impact on construction heights.

Suitable applications:

  • Fully supported floors for new and refurbishment projects
  • Over UFH systems
  • Acoustic solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knauf Brio?

Knauf Brio is a high-quality composite flooring system made from gypsum fibreboard technology.

These high-density boards offer a convenient alternative to wet screeds and provide excellent acoustic performance and sound reduction properties – helping to effectively reduce the transmission of noise between floors.

To find out more about Knauf Brio, don’t hesitate to get in touch with JCW Acoustic Flooring. We’re always on hand and will be more than happy to answer your questions and share our expertise.

Either call us on 01204 548 400 or email enquiries@jcwgroup.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Knauf Brio used for?

Knauf Brio flooring systems are designed to improve acoustic performance and underfloor heating efficiency.

The high-density gypsum fibreboard helps to reduce airborne noise – meeting acoustic requirements whilst minimising floor heights.

Knauf Brio is used for new build and refurbishment projects in homes and commercial buildings. It can be installed onto a solid subfloor or floating floor, or over underfloor heating (UFH) systems.

For more information about Knauf Brio and its application, talk to the JCW team today.

What are the benefits of using Knauf Brio?

Whilst there are various acoustic insulation options on the market, Knauf flooring systems are amongst some of the best – offering a superb alternative to conventional wet floor screeds.

Precision engineered from top-quality gypsum fibreboard, Knauf Brio creates a strong, monolithic floor structure for new builds and refurbishments. It also has a 60% recycled content, making it environmentally friendly.

Knauf Brio boards are simple to install without water or special screed pumps. They’re also much thinner and lighter than other wet screeds, maximising floor-to-ceiling height and reducing the need for concrete or steel substructures and foundations.

Another great thing about Knauf Brio is that, because there are no lengthy drying times, final floor finishes can be applied within 24 hours (i.e. ceramic tiles, laminate, vinyl, wood flooring).

If you’d like to know more about the advantages Knauf Brio has to offer, contact our acoustic flooring specialists on 01204 548 400.

Is Knauf Brio easy to lay?


Knauf Brio is manufactured with maximum precision, allowing the boards to fit together smoothly and efficiently. Requiring no specialist tools, the process is straightforward enough for any competent person and minimises delay on-site.

Although Knauf Brio is quick and easy to install yourself, the team at JCW Acoustic Flooring can supply and install it on your behalf. Not only will this give you the peace of mind that the job is done to a professional standard, but you can relax knowing that the floor will be completely level and ready for a variety of finishes in just a few hours.

To discuss your requirements in further detail, send us an online message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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