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JCW Acoustic Deck 28 & 32

JCW Acoustic Deck 28 & 32 can be used on concrete subfloors or timber subfloors. They can be used within new build and refurbishment projects. Whether working to Robust Details or Pre Completion Testing, JCW can offer the ideal solution.

JCW Deck 28 comprises an 18mm P5 T&G Chipboard with a 10mm pre-bonded resilient layer. Whilst the JCW Acoustic Deck 32 comprises a 22mm P5 T&G Chipboard with a 10mm pre-bonded resilient layer.

A 5mm (min) perimeter edge strip is used at perimeters to isolate the floating floor from walls and skirting.

When installed correctly the Deck 28 & 32 Systems will exceed the requirements set out in Part E of the Building Regulations.


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With over 15 years of experience in installing all types of acoustic flooring systems, JCW Acoustic Flooring have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that floating floors are installed correctly giving complete peace of mind.

Both JCW Acoustic Decking products 28 & 32 have been tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory. It is essential all components are correctly installed and detailed to meet the requirements whether working to Pre-Completion Testing or Robust Details.

The JCW Acoustic Deck 28 & 32 offer excellent impact sound improvement with a minimal increase in finished floor height.

For more information call JCW Acoustic flooring on 01204 548 400.

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