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Beavers Lane Estate Acoustic Flooring Project by JCW

The whole project will provide a total of 190 new homes is comprised of new homes for social rent, shared ownership homes and homes for private sale.

The project involves the demolition of 72 flats that suffered from structural defects and replacement with a mix of new rented, low cost home ownership and private homes. The proposals make maximum use of the overall land area whilst retaining identified local open space at the front of each block.

There are one, two and three bedroom flats and two and three bedroom houses with a relatively high proportion of three bedroom properties to comply with local planning policy.

JCW Acoustic Flooring Ltd worked alongside Roe Timber Frame to ensure that the programme was achieved while maintaining a high standard of workmanship. JCW Acoustic Flooring Ltd installed over 5000m2 of timber floating floors in accordance with Robust Standard Detail E-FT-1 FFT-1 to 6 blocks of apartments over a construction period of 2 years.

Product Specifications

Main contractor: United House
Product: JCW TF80 Battens

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