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JCW Acoustic Flooring‘s JCW80C Acoustic Battens have been designed for use on concrete sub-floor. They can be used within new build and refurbishment projects.

The JCW80C Acoustic Batten System offers the ideal solution, whether working to Robust Details or Pre Completion Testing.

Designed for concrete subfloors the JCW 80C Acoustic Batten system is the ideal solution, providing exceptional reduction in impact sound and whilst still maintaining a high compressive strength.

JCW80C Acoustic Battens have a 10mm pre bonded resilient layer which is made from open cell, recycled polyurethane. Standard batten sizes are 80mm overall, however other battens sizes are available to suit any finished floor level that you may require.

One advantage of using the JCW80C Acoustic Batten System is that services can be installed within the floor. It is important however that services do not bridge the resilient layer on the battens.

JCW80C Acoustic battens can be overlaid with an 18mm (min) tongued and grooved board. This is usually chipboard but can be plywood or engineered hardwood flooring.

A 5mm (min) perimeter edge strip is required around the perimeter of the floor. This is to isolate the floating floor from walls and skirting.

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Manufacturers recommendations should be followed for battens centres. For further advice please call JCW on 01204 548 400.

All acoustic battens used by JCW Acoustic Flooring have been tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

When installed correctly JCW Acoustic Batten Systems will exceed the requirements set out in Part E of the Building Regulations.

With over 15 years of experience in installing all types of acoustic flooring systems, JCW Acoustic Flooring have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that floating floors are installed correctly giving complete peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the JCW 80C Acoustic Battens be used on wooden floors?

The JCW 80C Acoustic Battens are designed for concrete base floors, and as such, only achieve compliance when installed on concrete floors.

All the necessary testing to ensure product compliance for Robust Details or Pre-Completion Testing has taken place using a concrete subfloor, so alternate use may be possible but currently remains untested.

For projects involving timber floors, consider our JCW 80T Acoustic Batten System, which can be used on timber sub-floors in both new build and renovation projects.

For more technical information, please see the JCW 80C Acoustic Batten technical datasheet or contact our team in the office who can offer further technical insight, by calling 01204 548 400.

Are the JCW 80C Acoustic Battens suitable for use in renovation or retrofitting projects?

The JCW 80C Acoustic Battens system is ideal for renovation and retrofit projects as well as new builds, making it endlessly versatile.

In refurbishment projects, the Acoustic Battens can be overlaid onto flat timber or concrete floors, allowing for uneven floors to be levelled and given exceptional reduction in impact sounds while maintaining high compressive strength.

As the name suggests, 80C Acoustic Battens utilise a 10mm pre-bonded resilient layer with a 70mm batten. However, if you wish to use the Acoustic Batten system but have a different finished floor level, custom batten sizes are available to suit your individual project requirements.

To order the 80C Acoustic Batten system from a UKAS-accredited installer, simply email or call us today on 01204 548 400 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can JCW 80C Acoustic Battens support tiled floors?

If you are looking to install the following as finished flooring, you will need to obtain specialist advice from our experts:

  • Tiled floors
  • Vinyl floors – sheet or tile

This is not impossible, but thanks to the bounce or deflection that occurs on floating chipboard subfloors, extra or alternative methods may need to be utilised – without them, grout could crack, tiles could lift, and the finish of the room could be ruined.

Professional installers can use over boarding and a decoupling membrane to limit the amount of movement in chipboard floors, making the use of tiles and vinyl more achievable.

If you are planning to use tiles or vinyl, we would recommend checking your requirements with one of our friendly experts before you order – this allows us to confirm the specification and avoid potential delays.

You can call us on 01204 548 400 for specific, experience-based advice on your project’s requirements and to place an order, or drop us an email at a time that is convenient for you.

Do JCW 80C Acoustic Battens reduce the transmission of sound between intermediate party floors and adjoining buildings?

JCW Acoustic Supplies are pleased to announce that their JCW 80C Acoustic Battens meet the requirements of both Building Regulations Doc E in England and Wales and the Scottish Section 5 Performance Standards.

This includes standards for both new build and change of use, for impact and airborne sound insulation, as verified by Building Research Establishment Ltd (BRE) in a UKAS-accredited test laboratory.

It is important to note, however, that regulatory requirements have been met using a specific floor structure, as outlined in the JCW 80C Acoustic Batten technical datasheet. Any deviations from this specification can result in a decrease in the effectiveness of impact and airborne sound insulation and non-compliance.

For more information about the JCW 80C Acoustic Batten system, you can fill in our contact form or call us on 01204 548 400 to chat with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team directly.

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