JCW Acoustic Flooring has installed over 20,000m2 of Acoustic Flooring to date in 2013. Working for Main Contractors, Developers and Timber Frame Contractors we have installed a wide variety of acoustic flooring systems.

The most popular being the Robust Detail FFT-1 deep batten system. This system is primarily used on separating floors on timber frame projects. The FFT-1 batten system offers impact and airborne sound attenuation when working on apartments and care homes.

We have also installed a number of acoustic decking systems, including the JCW Acoustic Deck 33 which is an alternative to the FFT-1 batten systems. The JCW Acoustic Deck 33 offers a height saving of 79mm compared to the FFT-1 batten systems.

We have also installed the JCW Level Pod Cradle System on a number of projects. This system is primary used on concrete floors where the subfloor is not within an acceptable tolerance to lay an acoustic batten or decking system. The Level Pod Cradle system can achieve finished floor heights ranging from 54mm up to 350mm and can provide a level finished floor on subfloor which is out of level.

Whilst the majority of work has been located within the London boroughs, JCW Acoustic Flooring has successfully completed projects as far north as Morpeth, Northumberland and as far south as Okehampton, Devon.

JCW Acoustic Flooring can offer a wide variety of acoustic flooring systems nationwide to suit any specification of flooring.