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Acoustic Flooring in Glasgow

For many contractors in Glasgow, acoustic flooring is required – for new-builds and refurbishment projects alike. Whether it’s for high-end hotels, apartments or student accommodation, acoustic flooring is often required to ensure that your project complies with building regulations. If you’re looking for acoustic flooring in Glasgow, the you need the expertise of an experienced contractor, who better to employ than the JCW Acoustic Flooring.

JCW Acoustic Flooring are based in Greater Manchester, we are experts in acoustic flooring and have completed numerous project throughout Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. We have worked with clients across for more than 15 years ensuring that project are completed on time and within budget.

What we offer

Here at JCW, we only provide the best acoustic flooring systems for our clients in Glasgow, including:

JCW Acoustic Flooring can advise you on the right product and take care of installation – giving you the peace of mind that it’s installed correctly. If you would like to know more about acoustic flooring in Glasgow, please feel free to get in touch.

Why choose us

JCW Acoustic Flooring are the leading UK specialist and have extensive knowledge of not only the products but the installation too. Our operatives are NVQ Level 2 accredited and will ensure that your project in Glasgow, is installed quickly and efficiently.

Installing acoustic flooring in Glasgow to an exceptionally high standard, on time and to budget is our speciality, here at JCW. What’s more, competitive prices are guaranteed and we use only the highest quality materials on the market.

As well as a qualified installers, our site supervisors and management team hold SMSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) certificates and will ensure that every aspect runs smoothly and safely.


Get in touch with us

Got a question about acoustic flooring in Glasgow or keen to discuss your requirements in more detail with a member of the JCW team? No problem – we are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to share our expertise. You can either give us a call on 01204 548 400 or drop us an email at enquiries@jcwgroup.co.uk. Alternatively, complete the online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

At JCW Acoustic Flooring, we have a fantastic reputation for installing acoustic floors, not just in Glasgow but, across Scotland and the rest of the UK. For more information about the work we do, be sure to check out our case studies where you’ll find details about the products we use and the scale of the job.

Glasgow Case Studies

De'Vere Hotel, Edinburgh

De’vere Hotel, Edinburgh

David Lloyd, Aberdeen

David Lloyd, Aberdeen

David Lloyd, Aberdeen

Hotel Indigo & Staybridge Suites, Dundee

Hotel Indigo & Staybridge Suites, Dundee

Hotel Indigo & Staybridge Suites, Dundee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install acoustic flooring in tricky-to-access sites?

Some construction sites come with complex logistics and awkward site locations, thanks to factors such as:

  • Listed building status
  • Noise limitations
  • Location complications
  • Environmental concerns and protocols
  • Access requirements – for both staff and materials

Despite this, JCW Acoustic Flooring is a specialist contractor with over 15 years of experience working within tight constraints and to short deadlines.

No matter if your site is located in a busy city centre or on a historic dock, within a majestic, listed building or a secure airport location – we can help.

To discuss your site and project requirements and arrange a site survey, contact us today. You can fill in the enquiry form to the left of your screen or call us on 01204 548 400.

What type of noise transmission can be reduced with acoustic flooring?

Noise transmission refers to two different types of noise pollution that pass from one space to another: airborne and impact sounds.

Airborne sounds are transmitted through airborne sound waves and come from common sources, such as:

  • People talking
  • Music and tv
  • Barking dogs

Impact sound, on the other hand, comes from the impact of one item against another, which generates a sound that travels. Common examples of impact sounds include:

  • Footsteps
  • Doors slamming
  • Furniture being moved around

No matter if your project in Glasgow needs to reduce airborne sounds, impact sounds, or both – we can help. To contact our expert team, you can email us, outlining your project requirements, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you fit acoustic flooring in new build and existing building stock?

JCW Acoustic Flooring regularly install flooring options for both new build and retrofitted building stock. This is made possible by a range of products, including:

  • Acoustic battens
  • Acoustic cradles
  • Acoustic deck
  • Cellecta Screedboard 20 & 28

The final acoustic flooring option will be decided when our surveyors conduct their site survey, but generally speaking, we usually recommend acoustic cradles for refurbishment projects, thanks to their floor-levelling properties.

As the condition and level of flooring are generally better in new-build properties, you can have a wider choice of acoustic flooring options, depending on project requirements.

For personalised recommendations or to book your site survey, fill out our enquiry form or call us on 01204 548 400 and we’ll find the perfect acoustic flooring for you.

Do you have an acoustic flooring option that can reduce vehicular sounds?

Whether you are developing within earshot of train stations, an airport, or even a major motorway, installing acoustic flooring in Glasgow will help to reduce sound transmission.

This will provide a quiet haven for users once inside the building, reducing the amount of noise that can penetrate from floor to floor, no matter how close they are.

Similarly, if your project could also be plagued by impact sounds alongside airborne sounds, worry not. During our 2017 Aerotel project at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3, JCW installed an acoustic cradle system, designed and installed to enhance the airborne and impact performance of the hotel floors.

If you need help reducing the sound transmission of airborne and/ or impact sounds at your latest project, reach out to us today – our expert team are ready to help in any way they can. Just email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to see how we can help.

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