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At JCW Acoustic Flooring, we provide soundproofing solutions to suit the requirements of all customers. We have a variety of services available that are guaranteed to match your exact needs and wants when it comes to protecting your property from impact and airborne sounds.

As with any of the innovative products and services that we specialise in, our acoustic flooring offers a high level of efficiency and complies with the relevant acoustic regulations. If you’re looking for acoustic flooring Liverpool, look no further than JCW Acoustic Flooring! We take care of the installation of acoustic flooring Liverpool, ensuring that it’s installed correctly and safely.


The team here at JCW Acoustic Flooring have over 10 years of industry experience to offer when it comes to acoustic flooring in Liverpool. We have installed various systems to suit an array of applications, so you needn’t worry about your acoustic flooring Liverpool being installed quickly!

Our knowledgeable team of experts keep track of time reliably, ensuring that maximum acoustic performance is achieved.

We supply and install Liverpool acoustic flooring to various buildings, so whether you’re looking to acoustically insulate student accommodation or a block of apartments, you’re in capable hands. Acoustic flooring in Liverpool is designed to reduce the transfer of impact sounds and to meet robust details, making it perfect for floors in universities and hotels.


Our Acoustic Battens offer high strength and are renowned for their exceptional performance, cushioning unwanted volumes to create a comfortable environment. As well as the acoustic battens, our Liverpool acoustic flooring services include the installation of Acoustic Cradle systems. These cradles are ideal for timber and concrete subfloors and can suit any new or refurbished build.

The Acoustic Deck is yet another product that we install for Liverpool acoustic flooring, meeting customer’s soundproofing needs. When it comes to isolating subfloors, we supply and install acoustic flooring in Liverpool, saving you the hassle but at the same time, enabling you to limit the transfer of impact sounds that are produced when you drop something on the floor or move objects around. We also take care of the installation to provide you with the confidence that your flooring is secure and safe to walk on.

What to expect?

We supply acoustic flooring in Liverpool to make sure that all customers receive a flexible service that is tailored towards their specific needs. At JCW Acoustic Flooring, we make sure that all deadlines are met effectively to allow you to complete your project sooner.

As well as this, you could benefit from a professional service, one that is carried out efficiently and to a high-quality standard- complying with stringent building regulations. Any surveys and assessments are carried out prior to Liverpool acoustic flooring can be installed and our experienced acoustic flooring Liverpool specialists make sure that your products are supplied and installed reliably. What’s more, our acoustic flooring is priced suitably for all budget requirements, so you can expect to receive the best value for your money.

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Albert Dock, Liverpool

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Vita Student Accommodation, Liverpool

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