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Mann Island, Albert Dock, Liverpool have been Supplied and Installed with Acoustic Flooring

JCW Acoustic Flooring are specialists in the supply and installation of acoustic flooring and have successfully completed a large number of project in Liverpool. We supply and install acoustic flooring to homes in both the city centre and surrounding areas.

Acoustic flooring in Liverpool

Acoustic flooring is beneficial for both residential and commercial projects. Enhancing the acoustics within hotel rooms creates a comfortable environment for guests, whilst acoustic flooring in apartments can ensure that neighbours in adjacent properties have the quiet environment to relax in the comfort of their own home – without disturbances.

What we offer

JCW Acoustic Flooring, supply and install many acoustic flooring systems to minimise impact and airborne sound, including:

JCW have the knowledge and expertise to supply and install a variety of acoustic flooring systems including acoustic battens, acoustic cradles and acoustic decking systems, such as the Cellecta Screedboard 28.

JCW Acoustic Flooring’s highly skilled acoustic flooring installers will give you the peace of mind you need when working to Robust Details or carrying out Pre-completion Testing.

So, whether working on a new build or refurbishment project in Liverpool, you’re in capable hands with JCW Acoustic Flooring. We have an ever expanding supply chain which enables us to service even the most challenging of projects.

Why choose us?

Over the past 15 years JCW Acoustic Flooring have completed a large number of projects in Liverpool, including Mann Island, where we fitted the JCW cradle system to great effect. Covering more than 100,000 sq/ft with within 200 apartments JCW acoustic flooring helped Countryside Properties exceed building regs and created a level floor. We also supplied and installed acoustic flooring to the 7-storey Student Accommodation on Crosshalls Street, as well as countless other housing association apartments blocks.

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Call us on 01204 548 400 or email us at enquiries@jcwgroup.co.uk and we will gladly share our expertise.

Liverpool Case Studies

Albert Dock, Liverpool

Albert Dock, Liverpool

JCW Acoustic Cradle System

Vita Student Accommodation, Liverpool

Vita Student Accommodation, Liverpool

JCW 50T Acoustic Batten System

Frequently Asked Questions

Has JCW Acoustic Flooring worked in Liverpool before?

As acoustic flooring experts with over 15 years in the business, we have been lucky enough to work on projects across the UK, including Dublin, Ireland and in the major cities of Scotland.

Two of our previous projects have taken place in Liverpool, one in the historic Albert Docks and the other in Viva Student accommodation.

Mann Island on the Albert Dock consisted of over 376 primarily residential apartments in both new build and pre-existing, retrofitted, spaces – installing over 200,000 sq. ft of flooring in total.

Vita student accommodation on Crosshalls Street added high-quality JCW 50T acoustic batten systems to all seven floors of the restricted location, within the bustling Met Quarter.

If you have a project in Liverpool and would prefer to use an experienced company that can work within complex site constraints without issue, feel free to contact us today. You can fill in the enquiry form to the left of your screen or call us on 01204 548 400 to find out more.

Can JCW help with a retrofitting project in Liverpool?

Retrofitting projects are essential for current building stock moving forward, both to ensure infrastructure meets current quality expectations and to help develop the circular economy, to bring down harmful emissions from construction.

However, they can throw up problems for developers, especially if you are taking an old building to new use, because of uneven, ageing floors and access constraints.

JCW has completed multiple retrofit projects, including two in Liverpool city centre, that have helped transform old spaces and give them a new life – without the mess, expense, and emissions associated with demolition and rebuilding.

Got a refurbishment project in Liverpool or wider Merseyside? Our expert team are ready to help in any way they can – just email us and we’ll get back to you to see how we can lend a hand.

Can JCW install acoustic flooring in large new build projects in Liverpool?

As well as regularly working with teams on retrofitting projects, we are also experienced with new-build projects, from the smaller 25-apartment projects to larger mixed-housing developments, across the country.

For most new build projects, we would recommend acoustic battens and Cellecta Screedboard 28 but preferred acoustic flooring options can be discussed during your site survey.

Acoustic battens ensure reduced floor sound transmission and can be used across a range of timber and concrete floors, while Cellecta Screedboard 28 provides excellent impact and airborne performance on all types of timber and concrete floors.

For further technical information about either of our new build solutions, browse their individual product information. If you have questions or would like to arrange a site survey, fill in our enquiry form and someone will be in touch to book you in.

Does JCW Acoustic Flooring offer a full survey and installation service?

JCW Acoustic Flooring provides a complete service to ensure sound transmission is reduced or removed altogether. This starts with a full site survey with one of our experienced surveyors, who will liaise with your ground team and confirm what you need from an acoustic flooring option.

This survey includes discussing project requirements, including:

  • Subfloor type
  • Preferred acoustic flooring option
  • Project turnaround and timeframes
  • Budget
  • Desired finished floor height

Once a plan has been decided, our installation team will work closely with project managers and ground staff to ensure your acoustic floor is laid on or ahead of schedule, once it is safe to do so, without going over budget.

If you need assistance with a Liverpool-based project, we’d love to hear from you – call us on 01204 548 400 or send us an email to find out more.

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