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If you are developing or retrofitting an existing building that has multiple floors, an important factor to consider is soundproof flooring. Soundproof flooring can be built into the very fabric of the building and like waterproofing, fills in small gaps between the floors to stop sound from passing from one compartment to the next – something that can be bothersome for inhabitants. So, which soundproof flooring is best for you?

As a contractor, chances are you’ll be tasked to provide office or living space that complies with current building regulations. This usually requires an acoustic floor and JCW Acoustic Flooring can help. Acoustic Flooring is designed to reduce airborne and impact sound between adjacent dwellings. Acoustic flooring will primarily reduce impact sound, like footfall. It can also aid the reduction of airborne sound, such as TV’s radios and voices. At

Wondering if your next project could benefit from Cellecta Screedboard? Here at JCW Acoustic Flooring we supply and fit this award-winning acoustic flooring – and guarantee you won’t be disappointed with its performance. When installed correctly by professional fitters, such as our team here a JCW, Cellecta Screedboard 28 is designed to effectively reduce noise. It minimises sound transmission through floors – this is particularly beneficial for hotels, apartments and other

A sound night’s sleep is at the heart of what Travelodge offers, and it’s all built on acoustic flooring installed by JCW. For any hotel chain, the minimisation of noise isn’t just essential to the wellbeing of guests; it’s also essential to complying with Part E of Building Regulations (Resistance to the passage of sound). That’s why JCW spent October and November of 2018 at Travelodge’s new Swindon hotel, creating

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