It’s become increasingly fashionable for people to stray away from moving into a ready-made home, instead preferring to build something of their own from scratch.

The self-build market is in rude health, with over 11,000 self-build properties constructed in the UK in 2012 (Source:

Going down the self-build route offers several advantages to aspiring property owners, most pertinently being that it ensures you get exactly what you want; a personalised home solution that you have greater control over. It can however be a stressful undertaking due to the many potential obstacles that need to be overcome.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has recognised the need to eradicate some of these difficulties to help simplify the self-build process for people.

Communities Minister Don Foster has recently outlined plans to encourage a larger quantity of individuals to consider self-building a far more realistic option than it has been previously.

You can read the full list of measures here:

If the government’s proposals have encouraged you to explore self-building or if you’re currently in the process of developing your own home then don’t forget about the acoustic flooring.

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