Rising property prices have forced many people to seek alternative methods of possessing a home of their own, with a significant quantity turning their attention to the burgeoning self-build market.

The biggest selling-point that self-building offers is the fact that you can create a property to your exact taste and requirements, something that perfectly caters for your respective lifestyle.

It would be wrong of us to say that self-building is easy, far from it. But when done properly the rewards can be hugely beneficially, both financially and emotionally.

You should always adhere to the following pieces of advice when undertaking a self-build project if you want it to run as smoothly as possible and conclude in the end result you hoped for:

  • So that you don’t go over budget and to prevent any difficulties occurring, make sure that you thoroughly prepare before building gets underway and are aware of all the necessary implications.
  • The building needs to be energy efficient right from the word go so make sure that you invest in quality double or triple glazing and insulation. This will help keep the cost of heating bills down.
  • They may seem somewhat inconsequential in comparison to some areas of the home, but things such as light switches, handles and taps will be subject to regular usage so put some thought into them before purchasing.
  • You need to have complete faith in the Project Manager and Architect you appoint so be certain in your own mind that they fully understand what it is you’re trying to achieve and will ensure everything is done to a high standard.
  • Enjoy it. It’s likely there will be moments when you may be left tearing your hair out a little, but it shouldn’t be stressful, rather something that you relish doing.

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