Sound treatment is often essential in any building and JCW Acoustic Flooring have just the solution for you! JCW Acoustic Flooring can help you to reduce noise disturbance and enhance the sound quality with appropriate Acoustic Flooring.

What is Acoustic Flooring?

If you’re to prevent the transfer of unwanted sounds, Acoustic Flooring is highly recommended.

The sound of voices or footsteps generate a noise and it’s this noise that you hear. Noises can cause a disturbance within the home or the business, hence why Acoustic Flooring is becoming increasingly more popular. When a noise is generated, it’s either absorbed, reflected or transmitted.

Here at JCW, we provide Acoustic Flooring to prevent the transmission of sounds from room to room or floor to floor. Another reason why we provide sound treatment is to reduce background noise and to enhance the quality of speech.

Acoustic Flooring is an effective way to accomplish the goal of sound treatment, protecting against the transmission of sound through the walls but also the upper and lower floor. We can ultimately assist you to create the best acoustic environment, whether it be in your domestic or commercial property.

What types of noise can Acoustic Flooring help with?

There are various noises generated within buildings and these can often cause a distraction. Generally, there are two types of noise; impact and airborne sounds.

  • Impact Sound

Foot traffic and vibrations are often sounds that are generated within the home and the business. These are both examples of impact sounds that need to be insulated.

The best way to overcome the transmission of impact sounds is to install floating floors or sound insulating underlay, as these can improve the impact insulation rating.

  • Airborne Sound

When noises are produced by people, these are often considered to be airborne sounds. The sound of voices and instruments can easily be transmitted through the floor and various other areas within your building, hence why Acoustic Flooring is required.

What are the best materials for soundproofing?

When it comes to soundproofing your property, there are so many different options available to you. JCW can help you to find the best materials for your project, ensuring that you find sound insulation that suits your acoustic needs and budget requirements perfectly.

Included within our extensive range of products, you’re sure to find the following:

JCW Acoustic Battens

The Acoustic Battens are designed to be high performing and compromise a resilient layer which can improve the sound. What’s more, our Acoustic Battens are Robust Detail compliant which makes them especially useful for new build projects.

JCW Acoustic Cradles

Our Acoustic Cradles are an adopted soundproofing solution that can be used to level out uneven subfloors. The JCW Acoustic Cradles meet Part E of Building Regulations and are used for separating floors. In terms of reliability and performance, you cannot go wrong with the JCW Acoustic Cradles that we supply for Acoustic Flooring systems!

JCW Acoustic Deck

As an MDF resilient overlay, the JCW Acoustic Decking provides a shallow platform that is used with Robust Details. Generally, the Acoustic Decking is suitable for height constraints and is one of the easiest materials to install.

At JCW, we supply the Acoustic Deck 28 and 32, as well as the Acoustic Deck 19, so you’re sure to find what you need for your new build or refurbishment project.

Cellecta Screedboard 28

The Screedboard is used for floating floors to reduce the transfer of impact and airborne sounds. In addition to this, the Cellecta Screedboard is used for timber and concrete floors and is made from hardwearing and durable materials. Screedboard is a material that is used for soundproofing and is easy to handle, effectively isolating it from the walls and skirting boards.

Need to know more about Acoustic Flooring? Feel free to contact us today; we will be more than willing to offer our expertise!