Acoustic Flooring Systems

Acoustic flooring systems can be used for a wide range of projects from small domestic properties to large apartment blocks, hotels and public buildings, providing a number of benefits which ensures tenants, guests and customers have a comfortable experience. So, let’s take a look at a number of benefits that acoustic flooring systems can have for your properties:

Noise Reduction

Whether renovating an old apartment block ready for re-opening as new student accommodation or updating your hotel, acoustic flooring systems can significantly reduce noise pollution by over 30%, meaning your guests can enjoy a quiet comfortable stay. One great example are acoustic deck systems these are often used to reduce floor sound transmission and a perfect fit for your hotel’s concrete or timber floors.

Thermal Protection

As well as offering excellent acoustic performance, acoustic flooring systems can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems to ensure that projects are both acoustically and thermally efficient. One great example are Acoustic Cradle Systems which are perfect for either timber or concrete subfloors. Cradle systems not only provide excellent acoustic properties but also level any variation in the structural floor surface. They can also provide extra height to your flooring to enable a variety of underfloor services to be installed. Why not check out how we helped Holiday Inn at Media City by installing our acoustic cradle system across their 60,000 sq ft of flooring in April 2010.

Acoustic Flooring Systems

Here at JCW Acoustic Flooring we provide a wide range of acoustic flooring systems, with over 10 years of experience and install over 100,000m2 of acoustic floor each year for a wide range of commercial flooring projects.

Between November – December 2016 one such project that our highly trained JCW team worked on was to provide the JCW 80T Acoustic Batten System for three new accommodation suites at PGL, Osmington Bay.

PGL is the leading outdoor education provider which provides educational visits for school children and families. They are based in France, Spain, and the UK, offering summer camps, ski trips and activity holidays – the PGL centre in France is used particularly to teach the French language to those who are interested.

In order to maintain their global appeal, we installed integrated underfloor heating and our acoustic flooring system to their accommodation blocks, providing visitors with extra luxury and comfort. Suitable for new builds and renovation projects, our JCW 80T Batten System is appropriate for floors on various levels.

We offer fast, reliable service, so why not enquire today and see how our acoustic flooring systems can be used on your project.