Acoustic Flooring for Timber Frame Apartments

Acoustic Flooring for Timber Frame Apartments is an important consideration and with a large number of products available to the construction industry, it is becoming an increasingly difficult choice. Timber Frame is becoming a more popular method of construction, this is due to the number of benefits it can offer, such as:

Speed Of Construction. Timber frames can be erected and made watertight significantly faster than other traditional construction. This lowers the risk of inclement weather conditions affecting construction time. This fast erection time is largely due to the fact that a substantial amount of the construction is carried out in the factory, minimising the amount of construction on site. This allows trades to start internal works sooner, regardless of the outside conditions, allowing for a more predictable construction programme.

Sustainability. Timber frame is a more sustainable method of construction compared to traditional methods. With increasing pressure mounting from the government for the construction industry to reduce CO₂ emissions. Timber frame construction not only offers significantly a lower CO₂ emissions during construction. The thermal efficiency of timber also reduces the need for large amounts of insulation.

JCW Acoustic Flooring offer a number of acoustic flooring systems suitable for use in timber frame apartments, such as:

Robust Detail FFT-1 Batten Systems. These are the most popular choice due to price and familiarity. When used in conjunction with the correct separating floor build up, JCW80T Acoustic Battens not only comply with Robust Details but exceed Part E of current Building Regulations.

Cellecta Screedboard 28. This system not only complies with Robust Detail E-FT-5 & Robust Detail E-FT-6 but also exceeds part E of Building Regulations. At only 28mm thick this system is the ideal acoustic flooring solution where building heights are an issue.

Knauf Brio 18WF & 23WF. This system is the current system of choice for Acoustic Flooring in Premier Inns. At only 28mm and 33mm, these shallow platform system provide excellent acoustic performance with a minimal increase in height.

Working nationally JCW Acoustic Flooring install a number of acoustic flooring systems for timber frame apartments. To discuss the benefits of the above systems and what JCW Acoustic flooring can offer please contact us on 01204 387029 or email us on